A real place of relaxation…

I always love to find a riad with a combination of Moroccan and contemporary touch. The owners of Riad Boutique Snan 13 in Marrakech used a lot of white in combination with soft grays, what makes it very bright and balanced.

This riad is just a few steps away from the very busy Jmaa El Fna Square. It’s unbelievable that places like this are a real place of relaxation. Ones you step in a riad like this it’s just peace and silence.

I really love the pool. It’s really big enough to cool down totally.


riad snan_1

riad snan 13 9 riad snan 13 8 riad snan 13 6 riad snan 13 4 riadsnan3 riadsnan1

riad snan 13_2


Numéro7 Fez…

This is the example of how contemporary Moroccan interior can be.  Numéro7 is the Moroccan restaurant in Fez of French Chef Bruno Ussel and his partner Stephen di Renza, born in America. They have years of culinary experience in Paris.

Numéro7 is on the ground floor of riad n°9, owned and designed also by Bruno and Stephen.  The restaurant is located in the hectic medina of Fez.  The fresh black and white interior gives a real calm atmosphere. Really beautiful.

numero 7 restaurant numero 7 restaurant-numero-7-Fez-Morroco-photo-Steven-Rothfeld-yatzer-7 restaurantnumero7-2 restaurantnumero7-3 restaurantnumero7-6

photo © Steven Rothfeld


Moroccan outdoor inspiration…

It’s the first day of June and still the summer in Holland is far away. I know we Dutch people are always talking and complaining about the weather. So normally I say okay people this is Holland and it is never going to be Spain so accept it.

But I must admit that is not fun anymore. I think we have had maybe 4 beautiful days this year. We want the summer!

But it is what it is. So because of the temperature it is not to hot to work so maybe you can prepare your garden.  The beautiful days will probably still come, I hope. My garden is absolutely not prepared yet so I have some ideas in mind. I like to have some Moroccan influences in my garden with a big lounge and stuff.

Maybe with some elements from these examples you can give your garden or balcony a bit of Moroccon touch.

Riad el Fenn riad-dar-k ksar2 ksar1 Elle-Deco-House-in-Morocco-0 Dorothea Elkon takes a centuries-old house in Essaouira from ruin to rapture by simon watson

moroccan garden riad el fennmoroccan garden via thediversionproject via mi casa moroccan garden via bohemianhomes.tumblr.com


Images: 1. Riad el Fenn  2. Riad dar K  3 & 4. Ksar Char Bagh 5. Elle Decor 6. AD 7. Riad el Fenn 8. via thediversionproject 9. bohemianhomes.tumblr.com


Pop-up store El Ramla Hamra…

I hope to see you in Amsterdam. I have a pop-up store in Amsterdam between 23 Mai and 26 Mai.



Moroccan lamp…

Totally in love with this picture and beautiful old Moroccan lamp. Styling by Swedish interior designer Marie Olsson Nylander



Dar Bibine, Tunisia…

A little bit to the right this time, Tunisia. I have never been in Tunisia but it always look so bright and blue on the photos. This guest house, Dar Bibine, belongs to the Belgium couple Isabelle and Gerard, lawyer and architect.

The house has a beautiful mix of modern design and local crafts. more information you can find on their website. The beautiful photos are made by Jan Dirkx 

dar bibine12 dar bibineduo1 dar bibine8 dar bibineduo2 dar bibineduo3 dar bibine5dar bibine1


Sober & simple Moroccan…

Moroccan style is not always about colours. I love this kitchen. Sober and simple. The big Moroccan trays are also great. We have beautiful trays like these selected ourselves for El Ramla Hamra

Photo: MarieClaire Italy


Roses in Morocco…

In 2011 I wrote also about the roses in Morocco. But with this cold that is still present I can use some summer inspiration. These beautiful photos give me a happy feeling.

A few years ago when I brought my first visit to Morocco, we made a tour through a large part of Morocco. One in particular is Kelaa ait M’Gouna, the ”Rose water capital” , located in the Valley of Roses. Here bloom every year from early April beautiful roses. The region is famous for its perfumes and cosmetics based on rosewater and the hospitality of the people. Kelaa ait M’gouna is the centre of rose production, with two large factories for rose water.

In this region grows ”la Rosa Damascena”. This rose is known for its excellent resistance to cold and drought, but most of her fragrance.
The Rosa Damascena is the most widely-used rose in perfumery. Rose water is not only used for it fragrance but also for Moroccan traditional cooking.

In the month of May is the annual Festival of Roses, at which the rose-harvest is celebrated. The city is perfumed with roses, the women are beautiful dressed and they dance folkloric.

Currently 3 to 4 thousand tons of roses are harvested each year. In order to make one single litre of rose water, there are needed about 3000 kilo of rose petals. Not strange that pure rose water is pretty expensive. There are 4200 km of rose hedges, with the capacity of only 1400 litre of rose water.

The festival is held in early May. If you’re in Morocco by coincidence it’s really worth going there.

Photos by C.Tréal


Colourful boucherouite rugs…

I love neutrals, whites and blacks but sometimes you also need some colour in your life. thats why I love the Moroccan boucherouite rugs.

The rugs are made from recycled materials such as cotton, nylon and wool textiles. Each rug has a beautiful unique pattern. For our shop El Ramla Hamra we have specially selected some lovely vintage boucherouite rugs.

There are no rules for the boucherouite. They are all different in colours and patterns. Some with lovely pastels and some with bright colours. These days new rugs are made inspired by the boucherouite. But my preference goes out to the rug with a history. So we only select vintage rugs.

We have just taken new photos, include this sample photos of the boucherouite rugs, in collaboration with photographer and stylist Paulina Arcklin.

pastel boucherouitte

boucherouite paarsboucherouite2 copy


Yellow in Morocco, Marrakech…

Spring yellow! I was viewing my old photos of Morocco. I have a lot of them as you know and thought maybe it would be nice to share again a few of them with you. I selected some photos all made in Marrakech with a yellow accent.

The sunsets are beautiful in Morocco as you can see. In the old medina you will find clothes to dry in the sun in all colours. Melons and other fresh fruit everywhere. At the old medina you will find cereals, rugs, Moroccon shoes, saffron and much much more.

And the moped…like bikes in Amsterdam.

blog morocco sunset marrakech yellow

SONY DSC SONY DSC marrakech, morocco

Images: Melanie el Haddad