Monthly Archives: December 2011

J’adore this door.

J’adore this door. In Morocco you can find beautiful doors in every village. Often you see a lot of colours. I love this door because of the combination of black, silver and white. Via Marie Claire Italy

Could this tea bring me to Marrakesh?

Yesterday I went to the supermarket to do some shopping. Suddenly I caught my eye on a packet of tea. The packet said ”Marrakesh”. When I think of Marrakech I always get a little extra happy. So I could not resist this … Continue reading

How lovely. Moroccan-Scandinavian Christmas style

How lovely. Moroccan-Scandinavian Christmas style. Look at the handira on the floor! Photo by Sveinung Bråthen

My first Moroccan lamp…I still cherish her

My first Moroccan lamp…I still cherish her. She is so graceful. I already had the Moroccan lamp long before my first visit to Morocco. I have the lamp for about 10 years now. The circumstances are changed now for my lamp … Continue reading

So beautiful & chic. The handira also known as Moroccan weddingblanket.

The handira can be found in the luxury hotels of Morocco and is very popular in the Western countries. The handira or also known as ” Moroccan weddingblanket ‘ is normally cream of color and adorned with sequins. The first time … Continue reading