Monthly Archives: January 2012

Beautiful wallpaper ”Marrakech”

This beautiful wallpaper called ”Marrakech” brings you in Moroccan atmosphere. The city Marrakech formed the inspiration for this wallpaper.  Even though at first sight I wouldn’t choose for a blue wall. This is different. It’s a special blue. This is the colour … Continue reading

Beautiful Izi-Fes boots. Stylish & unique.

A new brand is Izi-Fes and I love their boots! The boots are beautiful handmade of Moroccan kilim rugs and the soles are Italian made. Each pair is unique and of perfect quality. They are very stylish and in different … Continue reading

Daffodils & tulips

Is it me or do you have that feeling also? The feeling that spring is almost there. In the shops you see already the new collections with sunny spring colors. You can buy daffodils and tulips again. Do you see … Continue reading

Taste route through Morocco. Fantastic cookbook ”Kookkaravaan”

If you’ve never eaten Moroccan, then you should do that soon. You don’t know what you are missing. Moroccan cuisine is a wonderful rich kitchen and I think there is no one who does not love it. Now I have … Continue reading