Monthly Archives: September 2012

Ambiance of elegance and a touch of oriental…

From 25 September till 30 september there is the Woonbeurs 2012 in Amsterdam. I really loved it to get inspired by all the beauty and creativity. At the Woonbeurs you see a lot of different styles. A few well-known magazine … Continue reading

Fusion of cultures…Dutch Fashion Meets Marrakech…

I’m crazy about fusions of cultures. The best of two worlds in a new fashion creation. That is what you see at Dutch Fashion Meets Marrakech. Last week I was present at the final casting for the big event in Marrakech. … Continue reading

A little trip to Marrakech part 2…robustness

I love the robustness of the old streets of Marrakech. I can’t get enough of it. The combination of the sweet pinks and orange shades with the robust walls are so beautiful. Sometimes I see the Moroccan people think: ”Why is … Continue reading

Balanced eclectic….

A frequently heard trend term these days is eclectic. Now I think there is many to be put under this term. Basically this means combining features of different styles and trends. You can give your home quickly an eclectic touch. … Continue reading

A little trip to Marrakech part 1…

Im just back from Morocco. The time has flown. It was only two weeks and when we are in Marrakech it’s always a little bit hectic. This time I really tried to take time for making pictures. So I wanna … Continue reading