Monthly Archives: November 2012

Have a relaxing weekend!

Have a relaxing weekend! A lot of people in Holland are spending time with each other to celebrate ”Sinterklaas”. So a lot of children are getting spoiled with all kind of presents. I wish you al a happy ”Sinterklaas” and … Continue reading

These fireplaces want to make you have it cold outside….

Let the winter come….these fireplaces want to make you have it cold outside. So you can go inside and warm up with hot chocolate and the warmth of the fireplace. I do not have a fireplace but I think it’s very … Continue reading

A treasure of unique photos….

These photos are so beautiful and special. There are not many old photos from the very old days of Morocco. I have written before about the museum ”Maison de la photography” in Marrakech. If you are maybe one day in … Continue reading

Beni Ouarain beauties…

It’s not the first time that I write about the gorgeous Beni Ouarain rugs. Im so in love with them that I went to Morocco to find some beauties for my shop El Ramla Hamra. I found them all beautiful and … Continue reading

Totally in love with this beautiful tiles…

You have perhaps already seen them. The beautiful tiles that we have used for the photo shoot of our e-catalogue. The cemente tiles in Moorish/Portuguese style are extremely beautiful. I am totally in love with this beautiful tiles.  You don’t … Continue reading

Pallet love…

The advantage of times that there is a economic downturn is that people become a lot more creative. These days we need creativity and authenticity. How simple can it be? Old pallets that normally are nothing, are now the most … Continue reading