Spring feeling…

Okay it’s still winter here in Holland and complaining doesn’t give positive energy, but….

…I want the spring, sun, flowers, going outside etc. When I see this beautiful images in Ibiza made by Heidi Lerkenfeldt I almost can feel the warmth of the sun. I love the fresh whites and the Moorish/ Moroccan details. It makes want to feel the spring sun even more. Do you see the beautiful Beni Ouarain rug again?… perfectly styled.

ibiza Heidi Lerkenfeldt ibiza Heidi Lerkenfeldt2 ibiza Heidi Lerkenfeldt3 ibiza 4 Heidi Lerkenfeldt


Mix of styles in Essaouira…

Love this location. It’s available for photo shoots but also for holiday rental. It’s in Essaouira Morocco. A nice mix of styles and beautiful accents of colours. Simple can be so beautiful.

tiffannymumford7 tiffanymumford1 tiffanymumford2 tiffanymumford3 tiffanymumford4 tiffanymumford6 tiffanymumford8

Images: tiffanymumford.com


My Moroccan lounge corner, redecorated ….

I have changed my living room. Finally I have painted my floor white. Im so happy with the result. Now it’s my living room. I always had the feeling that it was the floor of the previous occupant.

My Moroccan lounge corner I have changed also. It was time because it was for 4 years the same and thats a long time for me.  I have made my working space also in the living room because the light is here so perfect. We have the luck that we have a big living room.

This time I have chosen for black & white. I have made one little wall black I like the effect. I think it’s chic but also robust. What do you think of my new corner?





moroccan lounge and working space Melanie el Haddad

Images: Melanie el Haddad


White, grays and blacks. Riad Dar K….

At the end of last year I have refreshed my own house. The living room and my Moroccan touch lounge. To get some inspiration I have searched for modern styled riads. What do you think of this interior of Riad Dar K in Marrakech?

I love the simplicity. The mixed colours white, grey, black and natural gives a fresh but also a warm atmosphere. And of course the pom pom blanket is stunning. Its almost the same as we have in our shop.

My living room is almost finished. I really love the result. I will show you soon some images of my own home styled Moroccan lounge.

Riad-Dar-K riad dar k3 riad-dar-k-5 riad-dar-k-6 riad-dar-k-7 riad-dar-k-8 Riad-Dar-K2

Images: Riad dar K


Giveaway – Win a wonderful authentic Moroccan tray


We have a beautiful give-away organized in collaboration with Desiree from the beautiful blog Vosges Paris. A wonderful authentic Moroccan tray Ø 76 cm. Hand Beaten and therefore unique. The trays are vintage and therefore already decades old. These blades are timeless classics and are beautiful in every interior style. Nice on the table with candles on it or also decorative on the wall.


El Ramla Hamra takes you away  into a mix of Moroccan crafts and contemporary lifestyle. El Ramla Hamra likes distinctive products to sell and strives for a unique character. Get inspired and see how beautiful your interior can be with a Moroccan touch. Besides the beautiful trays El Ramla Hamra also sells stylish woven fabrics, trendy mini tajines of tadelakt, trendy leather poufs but also beautiful fashion accessories.

How can you get involved? Go to http://vosgesparis.blogspot.nl/2012/12/giveaway-win-wonderful-authentic.html


Sponsored by & images El Ramla Hamra


Beautiful days…

It’s almost the end of the year again. Time flies so fast. So enjoy every day of your life. See beauty in little things. I notice that sometimes in the issues of the day I don’t see the little things anymore. The little things that can make life so beautiful. The feeling that you are really living.

Sometimes I take my daughter of 3 and half years as an example. She still sees the little details. Birds flying in the sky, the moon, stars in the sky. I love it how she sees the world.

I wanna thank you al for reading my blogpost. I hope I have inspired you a little bit. I wish you all beautiful days. And remember nothing is a must.

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christmas via 79 Ideas

christmas via http-::www.lenebjerre.dk:hall-feminine:hallfeminine.aspx

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Moroccan style. A different interpretation…

This Moroccan-style home belongs to fashion photographer Phillip Dixon and art photographer Veronique Vial.  If you see this house and interior it looks like you are in a Moroccan desert. But it isn’t.  This house is located in a busy street of Venice Beach California. Philip Dixon was inspired by all his travels he made. It’s a whole different interpretation of Moroccan style mixed with western style. Simplicity characterizes this house.

philip dixons30

philip dixon 32

Philip Dixon’s 1

philip dixons14

philip dixons2x

philip dixons17

philp dixons31

images via: apartmenttherapy.com


Villa Maroc Essaouira a little place under the sun…

I have never been at this charming hotel Villa Maroc in Essaouira. But I think it’s a really charming little hotel. The interior in mixed styles French and Moroccan, simple but elegant. They have also a ”oriental spa”, that sounds really good to me…

Essaouira is a really lovely cute place and really worth visiting when you are in Morocco. You can have a lovely walk along the beach. Also it’s really nice shopping there and you can eat delicious food. For sports enthusiasts Essaouira is one of the places to the surf. For now see how simple a Moroccan style lounge can be.

essouiara villa maroc2

essouiara villa maroc6

essouiara villa maroc3

essouiara villa maroc7

essouiara villa maroc5

essouiara villa maroc4


Images: Villa Maroc


Have a relaxing weekend!

Have a relaxing weekend! A lot of people in Holland are spending time with each other to celebrate ”Sinterklaas”. So a lot of children are getting spoiled with all kind of presents. I wish you al a happy ”Sinterklaas” and if you don’t celebrate it, also then I wish you a relaxing time.

lounging DylanThomas_Interiors_037

Original image by DylanThomas


These fireplaces want to make you have it cold outside….

Let the winter come….these fireplaces want to make you have it cold outside. So you can go inside and warm up with hot chocolate and the warmth of the fireplace. I do not have a fireplace but I think it’s very atmospheric.

I must say as I got older, I no longer mind the winter. I also see the beauty of the seasons and love being with my daughter playing in the snow. But a week spring sun in marrakech or an other sunny place, I would not mind….